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We offer a wide range of options for every customer.
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We can help you build the network you need starting with the design and finishing with a full working LAN/WAN/HFC network. We can provide you all the equipment and configurations needed.

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We provide all the services you need to be a successful company on the Net: Hosting, Web Design & Development, E-Mail, Google Apps, Web Apps, E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Networking.

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Security Systems

From security and surveillance cameras with night sensors, to biometric access systems.

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Support and Advice

We provide all the support and advice for your business in any of the different branches of IT. We have qualified staff to meet your personal needs. We have hourly support as well as a complete outsourcing of Computer Centers.

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We are your new business partner!
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We are a company that begins operations at early 90's to give the customer a high quality support in terms of Information Technology, and seeing the growing needs of the companies in Guatemala expands its services to the region offering support in terms of Internet, Telecommunications, Networking and general IT Support.

We offer our clients advanced technological resources that helps their companies to grow.

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